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Men's Clothes Manufacturer

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What We Do


Our company is already the lider on the  Romanian men’s coats market. Having a complete team of experienced people we produce men’s coats, trench coats, blazers, waistcoats, down jackets and other garments at very competitive quality and prices. Our Collections speak for themselves so we invite you to see what we are best at.

Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.


Our Values

hrWe think that every men in this world must have in his wardrobe a stilish set of clothes, but not  all of them can afford it. We will deliver that set to all our customers. Best quality at affordable prices!


You'll love Them

Our designers work 24/7 to deliver fashionable collections of clothes . You don’t have to take our word for it, just try for yourself.


Try us

Tell us your project and you will see how easy it is to collaborate with us. We are here to be your parteners.


Great Team

Come to meet us and discover a great young team ready to go on a journey together.


We are Here

Don’t hesitate to contact us via Phone, Email, Facebook, Skype or Instagram.  We are here for you to make it work.


Believe It

We are already producing one of the biggest and diversified collection of men’s coats and this is not the only article.


See it

Weekly we deliver new designs on the market. It is almost impossible not to find the style you like.

Our Story


The beginning

Everything started when the brand owner searched in the local and online market looking to find a nice quality men’s coat at an affordable price. He only found low-quality garments produced on Asian markets and there was no fashionable, elegant item to meet his expectations.

The Geolocation Advantage

We have to admit that our company have a great advantage in this segment, because of the geolocation. Here, in this part of Romania, many of the biggest names on the fashion market are manufacturing their collections. So we have many talented people that know what QUALITY means and we can deliver that with each of our articles.

New Generation

In top of the quality, our young but talented team learned to use the newest machines and softwares to create pieces of art, not just clothes. Due to inovation, we can be one step ahead our competition and adapat fast to a changing world with different needs and understanding about fashion.

We can help you in any project