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Project Description

Project Brief


 The men’s trench coat is one of the most timeless and iconic garments of wardrobe and represents the perfect combination of shape and functionality.

Antonio Gatti men’s trench coats are designed in a modern style for the cotemporary man, using the best Italian textiles and accessories, mainly natural fibers like merino wool and cotton for extra comfort and breathability.

A classic trench coat will never get old-fashioned and wearing it, you can always make the transition from stylish to casual.

Our product range covers a large variety of styles: slim fit men’s trench, casual men’s trench coat, double breasted trench coat, regular fir trench, classic men’s trench coat.

Composition & Details



High Quality Fabrics

Premimum Textiles



Unique Design

The Solutions for the Project



Digital Retouch


Design Samples


If you want to build a product with us, we can create any design starting from a picture, a sketch, a sample or a pattern.

We can process files from any system and we are using only the latest technology. We can also produce for you the initial samples and the production samples that can be used for marketing and presentation to buyers.