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Project Description

The men’s trousers are a crucial item in any wardrobe and they are an essential piece designed to define your fashion style. Being a brand dedicated exclusively to men, Antonio Gatti is concerned both with their style exigencies and the current trends.


Thus, our collection is composed of slim fit models that cover a wide range of men’s trousers styles: classical, casual, elegant, office, day or occasion. Because we focus on quality, the fabrics used to manufacture them has a high merino wool content to provide softness, durability, comfort and breathability.

If you enjoy the classic style, you can choose a pair of pants in a single shade or with fine prints that you can easily include in an elegant suit. Instead, if you find yourself in a more relaxed style, choose the patterns in checked or stripes design to build a perfect casual outfit.

The Antonio Gatti slim fit trousers are incredibly versatile and they are specially designed for the modern man who likes to feel comfortable and look his best no matter the occasion.

The Antonio Gatti trousers are made of rich wool material for maximum comfort and durability and they offer a luxury touch to every wardrobe.

With their contemporary design and neutral colours  they are the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Whatever your choice, you can certain that your look will be impeccable, and you will always show an overwhelming confidence.